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Have Fun, Play Soccer! Las Vegas, New Mexico

Registration Information

Notice of registration is placed on this website and in the Las Vegas Optic.

Open Registration: June 01 through August 06, 2017 ($60)
Late Registration: August 07 through September 08, 2017 ($65)
Wait List Registration: September 09 through September 15, 2017 ($65)


Online registrations are encouraged. Our online system will be a more effective way for volunteers of the league to organize and manage data.

IF you do not have online access, you can register at Desertgate Internet at 118 Bridge Street during business hours. Money Orders only please. 454-8454 

Registration Fee includes a uniform and socks, player insurance and operational costs (refs, equipment, etc).  Cleats and shin guards are necessary but are not covered in the registration cost.  If you are placed on the waiting list, no fees will be collected until the player is placed on a team.

If registration fees are not paid before August 14, 2017, your child will not be placed on a team. Instead they will be moved to the wait list and placed when spots become available and fees collected.

Our league follows the scholastic calendar. Teams are put together each fall season and carry over into the spring season.  Therefore, you get two great soccer seasons for one low price.  Fall and Spring teams and jerseys stay the same.  However, a commitment letter stating that you will be returning to play in the spring will be required in order to save your spot.

Ages of LVYSL players are 4-12.  Youngest players must be 4 by July 31 for fall season and 4 by March 31 for Spring season.

No Refunds.

NOTICE from LVYSL Board as of July 2011;

SAY Soccer philosophy is such that the league be a youth program for the kids. To win at any cost may be the proper attitude for the highly skilled professional but it is contradictory to the basic objectives of SAY and the LVYSL. Stacking teams, tryout camps, all-star powerhouse teams, etc., may produce a climate of excellence for a talented few, but will not in the long run be beneficial to the vast majority of young people involved. The overall objective of SAY and the LVYSL is maximum participation with even competition at the various age levels.

Effective July 1, 2011 and then on, Players will be assigned to teams in a manner that provides no intentional advantage to any one team over another. In an attempt to move back to SAY recommendations on forming teams, teams will still be allowed to stay together within a division, however, assignment of new players and those who will move up from a lower age division will be by blind draw. A committee will be formed to conduct the draw. This is one of the most basic rules in SAY (and other national soccer organizations) and must be enforced by each district.

Special requests-

  • Parents may request that their child NOT play for a specific coach for whatever reason.  You may note this request during the registration process.
  • Parents may request that their child play up in the next age division, however, the request must be submitted in writing to the league before the closing registration date to the email address below or indicated during the registration process.   
  • Parents may request that their child/children play with another child because of certain circumstances (siblings, both live out of town etc), however the request must be submitted in writing to the league before the closing registration date or indicated during the registration process.  Requests will be sent to the committee who forms teams and they will take the request into consideration according to the SAY soccer rules.  

Email requests to

Field Status

Closed Closed

Mountain View Soccer Field (11:35 PM | 06/30/16)

Closed Closed

Field 1 (11:35 PM | 06/30/16)

Closed Closed

Field 2 (11:35 PM | 06/30/16)

Closed Closed

United World College (11:35 PM | 06/30/16)

Open Open

No Game (06:29 PM | 09/06/16)

Open Open

Commerce Field (11:35 PM | 06/30/16)

Closed Closed

Hannah Park (11:35 PM | 06/30/16)