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Have Fun! Play Soccer!

Located in New Mexico

Have Fun! Play Soccer! Located in New Mexico

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We are a recreational league following the rules of our national organization, SAY Soccer. Our mission is to give all grade-school kids, age 4-12, a fair and safe chance to play soccer, regardless of skill level. Recreation leagues are not competitive leagues. We do not keep track of game scores, or emphasize winning games. Success at this level is when the individual player grows in skill over the season. Practice is just as important as games and are comprised of fun drills. Our focus is on having fun means the players are more likely to develop skills, coordination, fitness, community, and a continued interest in sports into middle school and high school. Please help teach your player that winning means showing up for their team at practice and games and trying their best. 

LVYSL does not and has never guaranteed a set number of games or practices per season, as our schedule is based on the availability of our volunteers, our local parks, and weather conditions. However, as a community we aim and strive to fulfill our schedule.

Practice is weekdays, two days per week, between 5pm & 7pm.
Games are weekends. SAT (U6, U8, U10) & SUN (U13)
Fall Season is 9-10 weeks starting late AUG.
Spring Season is a bonus 6-7 weeks starting mid MAR (if parks are available).

If you have an existing account please make sure your contact information is updated. 
We send most of our communications though text and email.

We no longer accept paper registrations.  All registrations must be done online.
Please note this website does not work well on phones.
We only accept credit/debit cards, and money orders.  No checks.
Registration fees must be paid before your child is placed on a team.

LVYSL is made of volunteer parent coaches and board members.
Teams are formed by a selection committee to ensure fair play.  Team selection takes place before practice begins.
Once the teams are formed, your coach will contact you with practice/game date, time, locations. 
Coaches are volunteer parents with availability during their off work hours.  
We may not have a coach for a team until after the season starts. 


***Please note: LVYSL insurance for injury is covered as part of the registration fee, under our national umbrella organization SAY Soccer. The insurance offered with checkout on this website is not handled by LVYSL. It is through Sports Connect, the company that hosts this registration website. LVYSL was not consulted about this insurance, it does not reflect our operations, and we do not know if it is necessary. ***


Las Vegas Youth Soccer League LVYSL
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